CEF Ontario

Giant Axis Board (PREMIUM ITEM)


Students learn about the perpendicular axes as well as positive and negative quadrants as they create them on a large peg board. Simply insert the axis bars on the bottom row to create X and far left column to create Y. Raised markers represent each whole number and align with the columns & rows on the board. Next, use pegs to mark locations and rubber bands to create lines and shapes. Challenge students by changing each axis location to discover positive and negative coordinates.

Kit includes:

  • 1 Giant Geoboard (38-1/4"L x 26-1/4"W x 55"H)
  • 20 bars (4"L x 1/4" thick)
  • 100 pegs (2"L x 1/2" dia.)
  • 180 rubber bands
  • Lesson direction. Additional bars (set of 20) 

Difficulty 3 (Moderate)