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God: The One Who Knows My Heart PP CD


6 lesson series designed to teach 6-11 year old.

Power Point to teach six lessons about the life and times of King David, 


  • PPT visuals for flashcards
  • Memory verses (ESV and KJV)
  • Words to suggested songs: Books of the Old/New Testament, Christ Redeemed Us, God's Way, Jesus Is Caring for You, Let's Get Started, Keep Your Way Pure (Psalm 119:9-11).

Other helps: Teaching cards, resource booklet, Wonder Time teaching, PPT games, preschool helps, reproducibles (Quiet Time sheets, memory verse bookmarks, coloring sheets)--everything in digital format that is in the printed resource pack.

English Text on PDF's contains the outlines, detailed story line, review questions,, memory verse teaching and more.

  • Lesson 1 - The Heart that Follows God (Saul is given the kingdom
  • Lesson 2 - A Heart after God (David is anointed king
  • Lesson 3 - The Heart Bold for God's Glory (David and Goliath
  • Lesson 4 - The Heart that Trusts God's Plan (David and Jonathan; David sparing Saul's life
  • Lesson 5 - God's Heart of Kindness (David is made king; Mephibosheth
  • Lesson 6 - A Heart for God--The Rest of the Story (a look at the second half of David's life; Solomon building the Temple

Plus Lottie Moon missionary story